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The 12 zodiac signs were divided among the four elements as early as the April May 21; Gemini: May June 21; Cancer: June July 22 Oct. 23; Scorpio: Oct. Nov. 22; Sagittarius: Nov. Dec. 22; Capricorn: Dec. Jan. The correspondences can also be used to describe people born.

They effortlessly draw inspiration from the world around them. This, along with their imagination, sets the guidelines for most of the Pisces rising personality. According to the Pisces rising facts , the one thing that gives the Pisces people more motivation than anything else is their passion. Their passion not only affects their hobbies and work life but their love life as well.

However, they are shy when first getting to know someone. Overall, Pisces people are great. Anyone would be lucky to gain some of the Pisces rising traits. To know what rising sign a person has, they will first need to know what sun sign they have, what time they were born at the more exact, the better , and the time that the sun rose happened on the day they were born.

Below is a list of each of the sun signs, the time they go through Pisces ascendant sign , and what happens to each sign when they go through Pisces rising. However, the times are assuming that each person was born on a day where the sun rose at 6 am, which cannot always be true.

The Astrology of Aloneness and Loneliness: Libra Rising–Pisces Rising

If a person is not born on a day where the sunrise was between 6 am- am, then they will need to move each time up or down to match up with their real sunrise time. Aries people do not have much in common with Pisces people. When born under Pisces rising sign, Aries people are likely to become more passionate about the things they love, which will also fuel the great sense of determination they already have.

They are also likely to be more passionate about their love interests. According to the Pisces rising meaning , Taurus people have little to nothing in common with the average Pisces person. When born under this rising, this sign will become more passionate about the things and people they love.

They will likely get more creativity, which may be able to help them in the workplace. Gemini people are creative just like a Pisces person, but they are much more outgoing as well. When born under Pisces ascendant sign , a Gemini person is likely to become shyer in early stages of relationships, but become extremely passionate and romantic later on. Their creativity will also get a boost. Cancer people have almost nothing in common with Pisces people. When born under Pisces rising sign , Cancer people will still be quiet for most of the time, but when a subject is brought up that they love, they will be the loudest in the room.

Their creativity levels and imagination will grow stronger. Leo people are creative and passionate about Pisces people. Being born under the Pisces rising sign boosts the similar aspects of their personality.

They are also likely to use their imagination more, which can either be distracting or give them great new ideas. Their romantic relationships will be as passionate as ever could be imagined.

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Virgo people are quiet in their relationships and rarely become extremely passionate. As per the Pisces ascendant facts , being born under this rising can help with this. Libra people are creative, and they vary in passion levels in their relationships. When born under Pisces rising , this sign will throw most balance out the window and either become shy or passionate all of the time.

Scorpio people are creative, but they are secretive. However, when in love, this kind of Scorpio will be one of the most passionate signs out there. Based on the Pisces rising astrology , their imagination will lead them to be more creative as well. Sagittarius people are creative and passionate about Pisces people, and the boost of imagination that they get when born under Pisces ascendant sign is sure to help them out in many areas of their life.

The more creative they get with the help of this sign, the happier they are likely to be. Capricorn people tend to be quiet, but other than that, they have little to nothing in common with Pisces people. When born under the Pisces rising sign , Capricorn people will become more imaginative and creative, which will help them in their hobbies and jobs.

They will be more passionate, which will help them in their relationships. There do seem to be two types of Libra Ascendant people: One, those who see the world as a place that needs a lot of work and that has a lot of people who need working on—these could so easily attract an Aries-type counterpart who will help them with their own personal social work. These are the people who tend to attract Aries-type leaders who will take them in hand and tell them what to do. Libra rising people are frequently non-committal, and so relationships come and go, and they spend a lot of time unpacking each one with their friends.

This can be fixed.

Behavior of the descendant Pisces

They might need your help, though. Their worldview was formed around the idea that the world is not a good place. Others will take advantage of you. You have to be strong and be able to fight dirty, if necessary. Scorpio rising learns early how to influence or persuade others into some behavior pleasing to the Scorpio rising person. If they share power with you, they probably have planets in the 11th or Aquarius or even Pisces, known for not noticing gender and sexual politics.

They prefer you to never notice this small detail, so make sure you have a separate bank account for the moment when their control appears total and you need to leave. Depending on the nature of her feelings for you, she will let you into the depths of her secrets in a few years, or in many years if you appear too inquisitive early on.

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Over and over again, she attracts people who insist on being The One. Scorpio rising generally has no problem meeting people; in fact, there are probably far too many people interested in her than she might like. So her dilemma usually comes down to whether or not she has time or inclination for all her lovers, potential or actual, and which one she wants to give the most time to this week.

Scorpio rising is often quite a catch, even early in life, and has many sweet young things following around behind them. This rising sign can be cruel to the innocent little lambs she attracts. Scorpio rising is too often attracted by innocence, forgetting that innocents are the ones most easily hurt. Maybe a long period of time.

A lot depends on what the rest of the chart looks like and if any energy is holding down this hot air balloon. Of all the signs on the Ascendant, except perhaps Aquarius and Pisces, Sagittarius is least interested in getting tied down. The primary reason Sagittarius rising will get married is down to a few rather simple things. One, you might have caught him or her at the right time. In this one way, Sagittarius rising is not good at being alone; the rest of the time, she is way too busy cultivating all those friendships and opportunities Gemini on the Descendant brings her way to worry too much about romantic relationships.

Another reason is because she cannot afford her lifestyle and needs help paying the bills. You can be another experience, and she will be sadder and not much wiser.

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage

Marriage, as they say, is a covenant not to be entered into lightly. Depending on how the natal Moon is aspected, therefore, Capricorn might make an early-in-life commitment or might fall in love many, many times or just once, if the Moon is strong or stressed before he or she is satisfied with the prospects for future success and upward mobility represented by one specific person. Fewer and fewer people are marrying early these days, and Earth rising signs really should be given extra time to find out what they want to do with their lives anyway.

With Cancer on the Descendant, Capricorn rising might find herself attracting caregiver-types who want to mother her or father her, for that matter. There are emotional depths or places she might very well let herself explore as she gets older that involve emotional states she would never have allowed herself to experience when young. They say Capricorn grows younger as she ages.

In my experience, this is inaccurate. He senses the passing of each day as a pressurized wake-up call to get busy and stay busy. You might have something mushy in a Water sign, for example. Or you might project your inner mushiness onto your partner. Loneliness for Capricorn Ascendant seems like a given, until, of course, she lets herself feel and reach out to someone who can also feel deeply.

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Uranus as a ruling planet makes the worldview a bit of a wildcard. Leo on the Descendant, though, means she draws in people who are probably more than she can handle emotionally. Aquarius rising is usually interested in everything, and asks a lot of questions of life. She can be philosophical, and would do best with someone broad-minded and worldly.