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The 12 zodiac signs were divided among the four elements as early as the April May 21; Gemini: May June 21; Cancer: June July 22 Oct. 23; Scorpio: Oct. Nov. 22; Sagittarius: Nov. Dec. 22; Capricorn: Dec. Jan. The correspondences can also be used to describe people born.

An open conversation could prove very helpful. Tonight: All eyes turn toward you.

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Your mind seems to be wandering to different topics and ideas. Your biggest problem is staying present in the moment. Others who might be conversing with you could feel offended or less than cared about by your drifting mind. Tonight: Make nice. One-on-one relating draws others' attention.

You could be focused on one person and only one person. Do not allow other situations or people distract you. The other parties might want some of your time. Tonight: Be a duo. Defer to others when in a discussion. It appears that several people want to express their opinions, and they have a lot of them.

Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 27, 12222

Be a good listener. You might be informed of some information or gossip that is new to you! Tonight: Say yes to an adventure. Be aware of what you need to get done and what you do not want to do. Even with this attitude, you will clear out a lot of errands and miniprojects, leaving a clean desk for the weekend. Tonight: Out with cohorts.

Your creativity amuses a child or loved one. What starts out as a little idea could spin out to a major project. You have the rare ability to focus on several items, one after the other. An associate or friend delights you with his or her laughter.

Tonight: Allow the fun to begin. You still feel mounting pressure and cannot find a way to calm down and relax.

Your ability to see through a problem and understand where others are coming from soars. Others appreciate your ability to identify and empathize. Tonight: The action is at your pad. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. By Jacqueline Bigar Fri. Get some good advice in your inbox. Get expert advice on life and relationships with the Star's Advice newsletter. Report an error. Journalistic Standards. About The Star. Tonight: Go with the flow. You say what you feel, but do not be surprised at another person's reaction.

You may feel fatigue, and your desire to change what already is could be blunted. A friend stuns you with his or her unexpected behaviour. Tonight: At a favourite haunt. You might suddenly be concerned with your finances. An unexpected request or demand puts you on new turf. Recognize what will happen if you let go and do not exercise some self-discipline. You need to be moderate in your financial dealings. Tonight: As you like it. Keep your head high. Many people are observing your choices and your behaviour. Investigate new possibilities with more care. You might want to take a stab at making an agreement that suits you involving a new project.

Tonight: Work with a sudden change in plans. Create much more of what you desire. Observe what others are doing more carefully than you have in the recent past. Accept a fast change of pace, knowing full well where you are heading. Tonight: Listen to your inner voice. You will know what to do. Create more of what you want and you will succeed.

Friends will back you with a special project that you cannot say no to. Investigate new possibilities with an eye to expanding your horizons. Tonight: A partner does the unexpected. All eyes turn to a boss or higher-up. Do you really want this kind of role?

Think twice. Think of all the flack you might need to absorb. Saying no has its benefits and allows you to be more independent. Tonight: A force to behold. A relationship could evolve to a new level of caring. You see a personal matter in a different light. A child or loved one could be most unpredictable. You might not be able to prevent a negative response. Be aware of the tension you are under.

Tonight: What suits you best. One-on-one relating flourishes despite a snafu of some sort.

A disagreement around property or your home could provoke an odd reaction from someone else. Discussions could take away some of the tension. Tonight: Be a duo.